Monday, 3 November 2014

Choosing the Right Cricket Equipment for Your Junior

Youngsters are enamoured by the game of cricket and looking at their cricket heroes, they want to grow up to be just like them. There are many academies that train them in the art and sport of cricket and with them there has been a growing demand to create premium juniors' cricket equipment. Special equipment for them ensures a much better playing experience. Whether they are seriously pursuing it as a profession or are treating it as a hobby, visit a leading junior cricket equipment store or shop for the gear online. By arming them with the right gear, you are giving them the advantage of enhancing their skills optimally.

While shopping for junior cricket equipment, choose the right size as it can make a huge difference in how their game progresses. Instead of benefitting from coaching, the wrong size can do more harm in terms of technique. A good junior cricket equipment store is the perfect place to guide you to the right size. At premium stores, you can get adequate assistance even when shopping online. According to the length of the arms and legs of the player, the bat size changes. Also, for better grip and management, the handle is made specifically for small hands and the bat lighter, for easier movement.

With easy accessibility, you can easily buy your junior an appropriate cricket kit. From the very first day of the game, if your child has a kit that is fit for his size, he will be at an advantage. This will help him learn the finer nuances of the game in a proper manner. For a beginner you may not want to spend a lot on the gear but once the child shows greater capability and confidence, you might consider a better quality, premium league kit. A great game depends not just on talent and ability, it depends greatly on the appropriateness of the cricket equipment too.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Maintaining Your Cricket Gear - Four Invaluable Tips

Cricket gear is an investment that you put in a lot of time contemplating and having spend money on it, you would want your fine cricket equipment to see you through a few seasons. To keep your cricket supplies in good shape, the most important thing to do would be to keep it clean. Wipe with a dry cloth to dust away any foreign particles and grime. Whether it is your bat, ball, pads or wickets, keeping them free of foreign bodies will ensure they don't spoil too quickly.

Having thoroughly cleaned it, you should consider where you will be storing your cricket gear. Letting it lie around outdoor is never a good idea. In the summers, the wood can dry out and become brittle. In the rains, it will again be exposed to high levels of moisture which are not good for it. Winters too can be very harsh and detrimental to the cricket equipment. Keep the cricket supplies in a cool, dry, ventilated and covered place where it is shielded from the ill effects of the elements.

Take care of your premium bat by regularly oiling it and checking for cracks. Remember to oil sparingly rather than enthusiastically. A bat that shows minor cracks is best treated at the earliest. Sand down minor cracks and slightly more apparent cracks need the attention of an adhesive tape that is made specially for the purpose. While it is not allowed during competitions, for personal use you can use a leather conditioner on a leather ball to extend its life.

For gloves and leg-guards, the best thing to do is to wipe them clean with a cloth dipped in a solution of soap and water, wrung to make it just damp. The removable lining can be cleaned with a gentle detergent after removing from inside. Keeping the gear clean not just ensures a longer life but also looks new year after year.

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Friday, 5 September 2014

How to Choose the Best Cricket Equipment Online?

Cricket is not just a game; it is a passion and acquiring the finest gear, a dedicated pursuit. To source the best cricket bat, ball, gloves and kits, head to the leading cricket equipment stores as they are the most likely to stock the premium quality. is one of the most reputable and well stocked store for cricket equipment online in UK. To choose something that is most suited for you, keep in mind a few pointers when shopping for cricket equipment online.

1. Appropriateness - When you are just starting out in the game, it makes sense to buy a medium quality bat and other goods to keep the price low. Once you get a hang of the sport and your game improves, you can invest in the best and there is no limit to what you can choose at leading store stocking cricket equipment online in UK.

2. Suitability for Age - This means that you must take into account the fact that an eight year old cannot play with the same equipment as a twenty year old. For that you need to check the sizes and select the most suitable option. Also, for juniors, splurging on expensive equipment makes sense only if they are very dedicated and regular with the game.

3. Quality - Buy the best that you can in your range and at leading cricket equipment stores you can take advantage of the competitive pricing and special offers too.

4. Latest - Many brands keep introducing new ranges that offer better equipment as it comes with new technology and advancements. Choosing the latest makes sure you put technology to your best advantage.

Cricket equipment online enables you to check out what each brand has to offer and after a thorough inspection, you can choose what you feel will help your playing style the most. Pick to add to your strengths and cover for your weaknesses. A well chosen kit is an asset that will last for a long time.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How to Choose the Best Equipment for Your Cricket Kit

What is a game of cricket without great gear to back the players! When it comes to playing a wonderful game of cricket, the passion of a player needs the backing of the best equipment. Either you can buy a branded cricket kit from a leading brand or assemble your own by picking and choosing the cricket gear that suits your specification.

Choose the right gear for your kit and here is how -

• Buy the best cricket bat that you can afford. This is your primary piece of cricket equipment and should be accorded most importance in selecting. Take your time going through the pieces that you feel are good for your style and feel free to consult with someone who is in a position to guide you. Good stores will provide assistance in selecting your gear, both online and at local stores. For seasoned players, English Willow is the best bet while for amateurs, Kashmir Willow is fine. Select the size of the bat according to your height and age.

• A cricket ball may not seem that important but requires attention. Select the ball on the basis of your level of play. Advanced level players should select balls with four piece construction and more stitches at the seams, around 78-82 stitches. For learners, a light weight rubber ball will do or for serious games, you can choose a two-piece construction ball with lesser stitches. Select a ball not depending on what an international match uses, but according to your budget and requirement.

• Cricket gloves and leg-guards are required for protection and should be adequate for that objective. Added features like flexibility, durability and ventilation are desirable too. Choose the material that best solves your purpose.

• Make sure the helmet that you choose is amply comfortable and very sturdy. Strong material for the grill and a cushioned helmet make playing safe and relaxed.

• The bag itself should be made of durable and lightweight material. It should be spacious enough for all your cricket gear to fit in. Added advantage of wheels is appreciated by some.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

How to Pick the Best Cricket Bat - 5 Foolproof Ways

Cricket is a favourite sport around the world where the following borders on fanatical. With such an obsession, it is but obvious that emphasis is on good quality products. While cricket ball, gloves and leg guards are very important, the gear that gets the most attention is the cricket bat. In terms of styling and specifications, there is a lot that a cricket bat needs to be able to accomplish before being considered by a serious player. Here is a lowdown what you need to consider when you buy cricket bats online

1. Purpose of Purchase - For entertainment purposes or for young kids, it is preferable not to buy a very expensive or superior quality cricket bat. But if you are a player, you might consider it an investment. Choose to buy a good quality cricket bat online where you can compare the various specifications of different brands.

2. Size of Bat - The size of the bat varies according to your height and age. For young players who are not yet in their teens, you should choose a size 4, 5 or 6, the number size with age. For older players or for those playing professionally, a Long Handle or a Short Handle cricket bat is desirable. For young adults, Harrow is preferred.

3. Grain of Willow - The grain of Kashmir Willow and English Willow bat is different. The more far apart the grain, the sturdier the bat but closer grains makes for better play. Kashmir willow is better for amateurs as it does not wear easily while English Willow gives better strokes but is not so durable. These are just general guidelines as there are excellent bats available that have the less grain.

4. Added Features - Some premium cricket bat manufacturers give their products an extra edge by adding features like toe-guards, a protective finish to the face of the bat and shorter or longer handles and varied shapes for particular styles of game.

5. Budget - Most importantly, you need to focus on you budget and buy cricket bat that suits your requirements and doesn't require you to break the bank.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Good Times with Cricket by Choosing Best Cricket Shop

A great game of cricket begins with the finest cricket equipment. A gentleman's game, it requires highest standards not just from the players but also the gear. To find the best on offer, either you can go from shop to shop hunting for what you need and hope you find it or you can log on to the premier online cricket shop in UK and take your pick. Buy the finest goods without having to worry about the credentials as VKS is undoubtedly the best in sporting goods there is. An extensive collection of cricket paraphernalia awaits you at the leading cricket shop.

The basics, a cricket bat and a cricket ball, are something that even amateurs need to start. There is enough for amateurs to choose from and it is such that they are encouraged to play more due to good quality and amazing prices. As your level of game improves you can choose from a more serious range of goods and for professionals, the sky is the limit as far as the product inventory is concerned. There are varied brands offering different levels of finesse to suit your level of play. Buy everything from leg-guards, gloves, helmets, personalised clothing and equipment from VKS at surprising prices.

Order your favoured articles from your smartphone or anywhere you can access the internet. Browse through hundreds of global brands at a single cricket shop in UK. With guaranteed products that perform well year after year, there is even facility to get your cricket bats knocked-in for optimum performance. Indulge your sporty side with complete kits, selected goods and more at one shop. With a surprising array of cricket bats that surpasses even the most extensive collections, your sporting spirit is bound to be indulged. From equipment for a kid to an international player, you will find everything here and it is delivered to your doorstep very promptly.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Best Quality Wicket Keeping Cricket Equipment

Wicket keeping is a skill that is important for the game of cricket. Saving and taking wickets wins matches and is therefore an integral part of the game requiring attention to equipment. A wicket keeper needs gloves and legguards that are perfect for the game. Buy wicket keeping gloves online to get the best quality gloves at the most reasonable prices. Choose from the leading brands representing the finest products around the globe at the same place from the comfort of your home. You can also buy wicket keeping legguards from the same place.

When the material used for the construction of the equipment is good, the product is bound to be excellent in quality. It is wise to invest in the best that you can buy as it will give you the worth of the money that you spend on it. Wicket keeping gloves, inners and legguards are all equally important. Inners in fine fabrics with a bit of foam padding give you protection while wicket keeping. When you buy wicket keeping gloves online, make sure the fabric used is soft but resilient, non-flexible and shock absorbing too. Each brand puts forth designs that people swear by and they earn their reputation on the basis of their performance. Buy wicket keeping legguards and feel their positive impact that keeps you ahead in the game. Wicket keeping legguards should be lightweight and fit well. The straps at the back should be soft and not dig in.

Wicket keeping equipment is essential for optimal performance by a wicket keeper. With most items being discounted, it makes sense to buy them online. The quality of the products is not doubtful as only premium, genuine products from leading brands are stocked. Order from anywhere and have them delivered without any trouble of shopping for your cricket equipment from store to store.

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